Resident Evil 5 for SHIELD TV v0.26 MOD APK


Resident Evil 5 for SHIELD TV  v0.26 MOD APK

NOTE: This chronicle is for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV usually and requires 5.5GB of giveaway storage space to download.
NOTE: During installation, a downloader swell might review “Downloading…0%” while downloading a game’s vast information files ( approx. 4GB ). Rest positive that a download is in swell and a content will disappear when a initial download is complete. We are operative to get this addressed.

If we are a fan of TV shows and cinema about zombies, we need to try Resident Evil 5 on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV! The Resident Evil authorization from Capcom tangible zombie games on console. Resident Evil 5 is one of a best installments in a array and either you’re informed with a story, or totally new to interactive experiences, you’ll have a good time saving a universe on your NVIDIA SHIELD.

From a remains of aged conflicts, a new apprehension arises. The Umbrella Corporation and a stand of fatal viruses have been broken and contained. But a new, some-more dangerous hazard has emerged. Years after flourishing a events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield has been fighting a flay of bio-organic weapons all over a world. Now a member of a Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), Chris is sent to Africa to examine a biological representative that is transforming a proletariat into assertive and unfortunate creatures. Joined by another internal BSAA agent, Sheva Alomar, a dual contingency work together to solve a law behind a unfortunate spin of events. Featuring a insubordinate new commune mode of gameplay, Resident Evil 5 will let players knowledge fear together as apprehension moves out of a shadows and into a light of day.

Immersive Single-Player Campaign – Chris Redfield, protagonist of a strange Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, earnings and is assimilated by new impression Sheva Alomar, an African BSAA representative tasked with questioning a epidemic.

Next Generation of Fear – Features groundbreaking graphics that implement an modernized chronicle of Capcom’s exclusive diversion engine, MT Framework, that powered a strike titles Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

“Quick-Select” Inventory System – Improved register complement allows equipment to be traded between characters. To supplement to a intensity, all register government is finished in genuine time; equipment can even be reserved to a directional pad for present access.

New Control Schemes – Features new modernized third-person movement diversion control variations as good as a lapse of a normal Resident Evil 4 control schemes.

New Enemies Bring New Challenges – Enemies exaggerate increasing speed and intelligence, creation them as dangerous alone as they are in groups.

Powerful New Weapons – The series of arms variations has been severely increasing providing new ways to keep enemies during bay.

Fear Light as most as Shadow – Lighting effects yield a new turn of torment as players try to tarry in both oppressive object and impassioned darkness.

The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV chronicle has full support for Google Play Achievements as good as cloud save and sync opposite your SHIELD devices. The diversion runs during 720p HD fortitude on upheld displays.

NOTE: Co-op and multiplayer modes are not now supported.

©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ©2016 NVIDIA Corp, Android chronicle protected to NVIDIA Corp for placement and sale on Google Play.


 Resident Evil 5 for SHIELD TV  v0.26 MOD APK


 Resident Evil 5 for SHIELD TV  v0.26 MOD APK


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Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D v1.1 (Mod Apk Money/Ads-Free)

Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D

 Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D v1.1 (Mod Apk Money/Ads-Free)  Snuffle out your prey, Increase your Speed and accuracy, shake your tail and conflict brutally!!
Get prepared for a new epoch of Wolf Simulation Adventure game! Explore a Jungle and demeanour for chase to feast on. You are an indignant and infamous wolf heading a family container looking to massacre anyone who comes within your sight.
Show a wildness and annoy of a beast! Search for food and quarrel for survival! Fight for your life opposite heartless Humans and animals.
Experience a genuine Wolf’s life. Mark your territory, hunt animals, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Mate and lot more. The Jungle is filled with human’s giraffes, sheep and buffalos, lions, tiger, panthers lot some-more animals. Rage off in a jungle and finish animal murdering quests! Multiple forms of attacks including Bite, Claw and Pounce attack, Sneak Stalk, Automated Power Attacks for present kills.
Ultimate Wolf Adventures 3D is a total Fusion of Adventures, Simulation and uproar around a immeasurable Jungle. Variety of wolf to select from with impassioned power.

Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D Features:
Realistic make-believe of Wolf’s life. Start as a singular wolf and build your honour over a time. Hunt, Eat, Drink Sleep to say your health and Energy. Mate Have cubs to start family. Feed and Protect cubs.
Multiple forms of attacks including Bite, Claw and Pounce attack. Automated Power Attacks for present kills.
Simple Easy hold formed controls to control a wolf and to perform opposite activities.
Real day night cycles with IR perspective to see in dark. Thunder, Dust Storms Rains
Fight and kick other wolf to make them partial of your CLAN. Grow your CLAN to browbeat a forest and to improved strong infamous animals like Elephants, Hyenas, Rhinos Buffalos.
Mate and multiply wolf cubs that grow into absolute members of your pride. Feed and protects your babies while they are young.
Fight absolute and infamous bosses like Elephants, Hyenas, Rhinos Crocodiles and tarry in wild!

• Mesmerizing 3D graphics
• Upgrade Attack, Energy and health facilities for improved sport skills
• Real day and night cycle
• Complete sparkling quests
• Color your wolf with your favorite color.
• Level adult your wolf by behaving opposite activities quests.
• Evolve your wolf to boost Health, Attack Endurance.
• Realistic animal function and animations.
• Wide accumulation of furious animals like Deer, Sheep, Chicken, Rat, Pig, Rabbit, Fish, Wolf, Deer, Boar, Moose, Crocodiles and more!
• Rotate a camera how we want, wizz in and out
• Beautiful visible and sound effect
Play Ultimate wolf Adventure 3D and live a life of a Real wolf.

About Tapinator:
Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 200 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 200 million downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For some-more info, revisit

Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D
Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D
Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D
Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D
Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D
Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D


 Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D v1.1 (Mod Apk Money/Ads-Free) – USERSCLOUD

 Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D v1.1 (Mod Apk Money/Ads-Free) – UPLOADED

 Ultimate Wolf Adventure 3D v1.1 (Mod Apk Money/Ads-Free) – UPLOADSO

Battery Doctor [Battery Saver] v5.20 build 5200005 APK

Battery Physician (Battery Saver) v5.20 erect 5200005
Overview: Battery Physician is a FREE battery saving app that might lengthen your battery life as many as 50% by finding apps and settings that empty appetite on your system.

Battery Physician is a FREE battery saving app that might lengthen your battery life as many as 50% by finding apps and settings that empty appetite in your system. Be a partial of one hundred fifty+ million business on Android and iOS who’ve seen a advantages!
Skilled, candid to make use of and ancillary 19 languages, Battery Physician by Cheetah Cellular (previously mostly famous as KS Cellular) provides an extended life to your Android write , offers we with minute battery info and helps it cost healthily with a particular 3 Stage Charging system. Take pleasure in an unthinkable appetite saving imagination that is scarcely as good as Challenge Volta, even progressing than Android L comes out.
Defend your Juice!
Discover out what’s removal your energy. Modify your removal settings (e.g. brightness) and invalidate purposeless apps that empty your battery.
Precisely Estimates Remaining Battery Time
Tells how extensive battery will final underneath utterly a lot of conditions (enjoying video games, wifi on or off, and so forth)
Skilled Charging
Battery Physician regulates a approach by that your tool is charged with a Distinctive 3 Stage Charging complement to make certain we get substantially a many out of your battery and reminds we to not over cost. It additionally has options that can guard and umpire appetite consumption.
Widget Included
Our “Activity Killer” widget will optimize your appetite expenditure conveniently. The 4×1 widget creates it easier to hoop Wifi, Knowledge, Brightness, and so forth, and set appetite saving modes.
Key Options
– Disable purposeless apps that empty your battery!
– Activity Killer kills duties with one click on!
– Kill apps when arrangement is off!
– Correct battery remaining time!
– Correct charging remaining time!
– Schedule appetite saving modes for work/class/sleep and extra!
– Distinctive 3 Stage Charging system!
– Wifi/Knowledge/Bluetooth toggle!
– Brightness management!
– CPU Administration (for secure telephones)!
– Battery temperature!
– Charging Ideas!
– 15 languages supported!
– Easy straightforward-to-use interface!
Battery Physician followers, greatfully be a partial of a beta contrast group. Be a primary to try a stream updates, news bugs, and get in hold with builders.
Error 44 (Niet gevonden)!!1
Q: Can Battery Physician save appetite and lengthen battery life?
A: Sure!
Faucet a round on a residence arrangement (Save Energy) to kill appetite sow apps that aren’t during benefaction in use to raise battery life.
Run a app since charging to let Battery Physician hoop a process with a Distinctive 3 Stage Charging complement that ensures an extended battery life.
Use a “Process Killer” widget to optimize your appetite expenditure conveniently
Q: What’s a full cost and because does it matter?
A: Plug in your write when a battery has about 20% remaining and ensue to cost compartment Battery Physician tells we a third theatre of drip charging is full. Don’t exaggerate by maintaining your tool plugged in nor undercharge by charging quickly bursts any time handy.
Q: How does “Saving Mode” work?
A: “Saving Mode” is an extreme environment that shuts down all non-important facilities of your write with difference of formulating write calls and sending/receiving textual calm messages. WiFi, Knowledge, GPS, and so onward will all be close down to make certain battery life and urge your juice.
Q: How do we arrange a widgets?
A: The “Process Killer” widget will customarily seem on your skill arrangement with set up. The conflicting widget that screens WiFi/GPS/and so on might be put in simply as another widget in your tool can be arrange.


1. New function: battery good being hearing – determine charging points intermittently and assistance we to take caring of your write battery
2. Repair famous points

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Download Battery Doctor 2b525 apk

Download Battery Doctor 2b525 apk
Download Battery Doctor 2b525 apk
Battery Doctor-5.20b5200005hellip;apk (11,96 MB) –

Bookari Epub PDF Ebook Reader v3.0.14 Patched [All Versions] APK

Bookari Epub PDF E-book Reader Patched (All Variations)
Overview: One of a best e book reader accessible on a market: consumer pleasant, rarely effective, quick, intensely customizable, this beam reader offers rare flexibility, quickness and investigate consolation.

Obtain hundreds of giveaway and paid ebooks, spotlight excerpts, take records in your books, take mind to your books since of a Textual calm To Speech perform, conduct your books and notes, supplement your favourite catalogs and distant more!
A illusory e book reader for college kids, professionals and penetrating readers:
• Built-in investigate program that might startle we with a fibre and unsentimental richness
• Superior library to arrange and index your ebooks
• Notes administrator to gold a records of all of your ebooks. Finally, it is probable for we to to arrange and index them !
• Big choice of bookstores might be set: one click on entrance to hundreds of books
• Risk to sync your library around all of your units and to share ebooks / records around a paid use Mantano Cloud
• Help of a many standard e-book codecs (EPUB2, PDF)
• Help of Adobe DRM, needing to learn ebooks stable towards hacking
• Built-in OPDS browser, with a choice so as to supplement your personal URL addresses to customise your bookstore space
• Built-in File explorer, good for importing sold ebooks by acid your tool and your Dropbox
• Built-in multi-books records supervisor
• Buyer help
• Suitable with Mantano Cloud service
• Real looking make-believe of web page turning
• Textual calm to speech
• Customise a uncover of EPUB books since of predefined or customized combined themes: font, line peak, colours, and so on.
• Superior assistance of PDF books: Quick straight and plane scroll, Pan Zoom, beam and programmed stand to scale behind margins if crucial, optimized uncover velocity
• Superior Search perform displaying a inventory of all situations of a word detected within a ebook
• Some ways to explain your e-book: highlighting, underlining, including textual calm records or blueprint notes
• Pinable navigation row for a quick entrance to a table of calm material, bookmarks, highlights and records
• Version of bookmark titles to emanate your personal table of calm element
• Creation of a tailor-made compendium from a phrases we searched within a dictionary
• Night time mode
Organizing your library
• Index your books by tags and score
• Group your books into your private collections
• Guide filtering facilities by tags, collections, authors, publishers, codecs…
• A series of uncover modes: compress listing, minute record, thumbnails
Organizing your notes
• Index your records by tags and score
• Group your records into your private collections
• Notes filtering facilities by tags, collections, books, arrange
• Create analysis sheets from a series of records in several books
• Direct entrance from a notice to a analogous web page within a beam with one click on
Extra options with Mantano Cloud (requiring a apart paid subscription on Bookari – Your subsequent outing to reading ):
• Sync your library between your units: Change between your write and tablet and all a time learn your books, annotations, notes, investigate positions, collections, tags, scores, bookmarks, discussions, contacts together with you, of their many present state.
• Shared studying: Rework your books and paperwork into digital investigate circles by pity annotations and investigate from each others’ expertise. Share your ebooks with your mates, investigate from their notes, speak about with them. Retrieve all notes, select substantially a many fascinating threads and trade them to a “evaluate sheet”.
Extra minute outline with editions comparability right here:
Different e book reader apps:
– Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Kobo, Bluefire
– Not Supporting Adobe DRM: Moon + Reader, RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, ezPDF, Adobe Reader, FBReader.
Tags: ebook, e-book, e-book reader, e book reader, epub reader, pdf reader, e-book speech, dictionary, lexicon, library, bookstore, opds, tts, epub, pdf, e book annotate.

– Highlights not all a time reasonably displayed in Epub 3 (Premium solely)
– Misc bugfixes
– Fastened pile-up when app inactive
– Misc bugfixes
– Efficiency enhancements in Epub 3 (Premium solely)
– Misc bugfixes
– Crash after Adobe ID activation on Android four.x
– Theme chooser popup sluggish
– Imported books didn’t now seem within a bookshelf
– Bookshelf typically seemed as dull on startup
– Misc bugfixes
– Performances enchancment within a Epub 3 viewer

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Download Bookari Premium arm apk

Download Bookari Premium arm apk
Download Bookari Premium arm apk



Impulse Music Player Pro v1.5.3 APK

Impulse Music Participant Professional v1.5.three
Necessities: four.2+
Overview: That is advert giveaway indication of Impulse Music Participant.

Disclaimer: Use Headphones for biggest expertise

Supported Gestures:
– Swipe left/proper to play subsequent/earlier music
– Faucet on arrangement anyplace to play/pause
– Faucet and say for 1s afterwards slip left/proper to hunt lane backward/ahead
– Pinch in with dual fingers to go to lane album

Key Options:
– Management app with discerning gestures
– Elegant and pleasant Consumer interface.
– Choice to fuzz background
– Browse and play song by songs,album, artist, playlist and folder
– Create customized Playlist and Save them
– Personalise shake gesticulate to compare your wants
– Multi gesticulate assistance for candid navigation
– Play, undo or supplement to playlist a series of songs directly
– Greater than 10 themes to name from
– Sync together with your prior playlists
– and lots of extra…

Subsequent Releases:
– 5-band Equalizer
– Add your personal wallpaper to a background
– Extra multi gesticulate controls
– Auto obtain lacking album-artwork
– and extra…

This Music app options substantially a many smart gesticulate managed interface. Intuitive gestures support we to government your song with ease.

This song Participant helps mp3,wav ,flac and lots of opposite such audio codecs.Take mind to your favorite song on a stylish and minimalistic consumer interface.

Request duty or news bug during


– Minor bug repair

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Download Impulse apk

Download Impulse apk
Download Impulse apk
Impulse-1.5.3.apk (9,33 MB) –